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Our Recent Projects

Here's some of our latest work over the past few months!


Souloni - Friday Night (Music Video)


Moments Ep. 2 "Bad Guy"

Written & Directed by Isaac Burt

Filmed & Edited by Malik Baker

Assistant Director Kelly Flicks

Sound Dimitri Tate Roberts

Starring Earl Williams & Abraham Jayson


Moments Ep. 3 "Look Out"

Directed & Edited by Malik Baker

Written by John Charles McPhaull III

Director of Photography Noah & Klicquot

Assistant Director Kelly Flicks

Lighting Gustavo Mendez Darren Perkins

Starring Justin Alexander, Juliette Soumah, Lana Stevens


Moments Ep.  4  "A Trail Forward"

Written & Directed by Ayesha Kosaka

Filmed & Edited by Malik Baker

Starring Chelsea Samuel


Jah Kang "Can't Win"

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